To Submit Music for Airplay

These days we are getting many requests to play music created by our listeners and their friends. We are delighted to take submissions into consideration.

If you would like your music to get on air, please follow these guidelines. We basically made them so one of us doesn’t have to stay up all night re-tagging and converting tunes into mp3s:

  • Please send us professional quality music.
  • Our genre(s) is contemporary blues / blues / blues rock. We will only consider works that fit those niches.
  • Your songs must be .mp3 and properly tagged.
  • Attach your music or email us your download link to include some basic biographical information and a way to contact you for follow up questions
  • We prefer that you submit entire albums. Sometimes tracks that you would choose for us aren’t ones we would choose for whichever set playlist we are putting together. What you submit is up to you of course but just letting you know what we prefer. You can send files easily through or – its free. Email the link to
  • You understand that the music will be distributed among our DJs for them to consider including it in their shows.

We’re big on original blues. We are eager to broadcast original blues tunes by artists that respect traditional blues AND put their unique spin on it. It keeps our blood pumpin’! And – does it really need to be said? We LOVE what we do and are in AWE of the music you create. Thanks for sharing it with us! We are truly honored.