Oct 06

Some Facts About Our “Little” Blues Station


put your ears onJust thought we would share a little information about our… YOUR… blues radio station. Currently, we have in rotation over 3700 songs, which translate into over 260 hours of blues music available for your ears – potentially without a repeat! And every single hour of every single day is COMMERCIAL FREE!

We have 18 wonderfully talented and generous DJs – without whom this station would be just another internet radio station churning out tune after tune with no personality. These 18 DJs provide over 68 hours a week of top-notch blues tunes and entertainment. They are the soul of this station. As the “owner” – I am very grateful for each and every one of them.

We also have one “behind the scenes” administrator named Sha. Every day she gives unselfishly of her time, too. She loves this station as much as each of us do, perhaps even more. She is our go-to gal, our techie, our social media enthusiast and deserves a very public “Thank You!”

Lastly, “Thank You” to all our listeners! We appreciate your support and comments. We hope you are enjoying the music we provide for your listening pleasure. We hope that you like us enough to tell your friends about us.

Sep 12

Buddy Guy “Born to Play Guitar”



“Born to Play Guitar”

DJ of “Top-Shelf Blues,” Tuesdays at 10pm EST

The album’s cover photo is of a blues legend playing the guitar with his teeth, which makes it loud and clear that this Guy isn’t ready to fold any time soon. Hell, it was released on his 79th birthday.

Listening to the music, you’d swear this is the playing of a man half his age. Yet he croons and brags, deservedly, about a long life with the blues — well-lived and keenly observed. As he tells us unabashedly, at the beginning of the opening title track: “I got a reputation, and everybody knows my name; I was born to play the guitar, people: I got blues runnin’ through my veins.” And the album that follows demonstrates that he ain’t lyin’.

Much of Guy’s early career was spent as a sideman to some of the best, including Muddy Waters and Howlin’ Wolf, and his star only started to rise during the British Invasion, when Hendrix, Clapton, Page, Richards, Beck and others stepped forward to let the world know his influence. Decades later, as the blues rose up, so did his career, and he became a permanent staple of the circuit, at long last.

Buddy Guy is not one to shy away from naughtiness (“Back Up Mama”), nor is he one to stand still musically. A duet with Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top, “Wear You Out” warns us that he has the staying power — and perhaps the erotic power — of a classic axe or a muscle-car engine. Other collaborators include Kim Wilson (“Too Late” and the indefensibly cute “Kiss Me Quick”), Joss Stone on the light shuffle “(Baby) You Got What it Takes,” and Van Morrison on “Flesh & Bone,” which he dedicates to the recently-lost B.B. King.

The blues are held responsible for his penchant for partying (“Turn Me Wild,” “Whiskey, Beer & Wine,” and the romping single, “Thick Like Mississippi Mud”), but also are the perfect expression of what he’s seen and where he’s been (“Crazy World,” “Smarter Than I Was”). Finally, he laments the past with the poignant “Come Back Muddy,” showing us that his unchained energy for the future will never make him forget the great depth of his feelings for his fellow legends. If you pick up one blues album this year, “Born to Play Guitar,” is money well-spent.



Jun 19

About Submitting Your Music To Us





These days we are getting many requests to play music created by our listeners and their friends.  We are delighted to take submissions into consideration.

If you would like your music to get on air, please follow these guidelines. We basically made them so one of us doesn’t have to stay up all night retagging and coverting tunes into mp3s:

  • Please send us professional quality music.
  • Our genre(s) is contemporary blues / blues / blues rock. We will only consider works that fit those niches.
  • Your songs must be .mp3 and properly tagged.
  • Attach your music or email us your download link to bluesmusicfan@gmail.com include some basic biographical information and a way to contact you for follow up questions
  • You understand that the music will be distributed among our DJs for them to consider including it in their shows.

We will air only music that is available for purchase at places like amazon, itunes, cdbaby, etc., unless a release is filled out. If you’d like the release please email us and request it.

We’re big on original blues. We are eager to broadcast original blues tunes by artists that respect traditional blues AND put their unique spin on it. It keeps our blood pumpin’! And – does it really need to be said? We LOVE what we do and are in AWE of the music you create. Thanks for sharing it with us! We are truly honored.