Oct 28

This says it all …


Oct 03

We’re On BandCamp!

bandcamp-button-square-aqua-128BluesMusicFan Radio has established a fan presence on BandCamp.com. Many of the artists we communicate with and air on the station have BC accounts and this should make it easier for them to let us know when new music is available for us to listen to, and possibly air on our station. Hit us up on BandCamp and let us know you have a presence there, too!

Aug 16

Rate Our Songs!

Here’s a fun thing to do while you’re chatting away in our chat room and listening to the great contemporary blues we serve up to you here on BluesMusicFan Radio… rate our songs!! ratings

If you look to the right and down the page a little bit you’ll see our “Now Playing” and “Recently Played” tunes. If you click on that little star (thanks Janine!), you can rate the song that is listed there… give it a try, it’s that simple!

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