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Jan 28

New Music Uploaded!

Here are the new additions to our automated “DJ Otto”. You’ll be hearing music from these artists and their new albums both on the automated sections of the schedule and also the DJs feature them often in their live shows. Tune in to hear great tracks from these albums! Support the artists by buying their …

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Dec 29

BluesMusicFan Radio’s Top 20 Blues Albums of 2017!

2017 was a remarkable year for the Blues genre. Some exciting new artists hit the airwaves, some sad passings, and either way, time does march on. I think I speak for the station when I say we get really excited to hear new takes on traditional blues and we honor and deeply respect those that …

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May 27

Some great comments via Tune In

  We are so happy to see the feedback we get from our listeners on They really have some great stuff to say about BluesMusicFan Radio and we are extraordinarily grateful to hear how much people enjoy what we do!   Thank you one and all! “This incredible station is absolutely my favorite” “BluesMusicFan Radio …

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