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Jul 04

Women of the Harp

Why so few women of the harp? by Liam Ward, Aside from the indomitable Jason Ricci getting to up to his old antics (, it’s hard to catch anything other than an aging man playing the blues harp. Perhaps even more than guitar, the world of harmonica has remained a staunchly male environment for …

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Jun 23

Janiva Magness – Original

Janiva Magness   Original  Janiva’s new album is out and if you are a Janiva fan you’re going to love it … and if you’ve never heard of Janiva you’ve been missing out. The album is a departure for Janiva in that she’s broke out on her own label and is wading in the waters …

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Jun 08

Tanita Gaines – Another City Day

  I picked out Tanita’s album simply because it was on of the best blues album released last year.   Tanita hails from Louisville Kentucky and belongs to The Kentuckian Blues Society in Louisville for some background.  Let me start off that the caliber of her vocal delivery is second to none.   She can wail like …

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