May 28

ArchiveX – Hard Times

This video crossed our email inbox the other day. I really enjoyed ArchiveX‘ take on the Ray Charles classic “Hard Times (No One Knows Better Than I)”.

“Hard Times” is the debut single from California-based solo artist ArchiveX whose album “Some Ungodly Hour” will release July 29. In the meantime, enjoy this video.

ArchiveX performs “Hard Times” differently than Ray Charles. It’s slower, the phrasing more direct. The vocal is smooth but the production roughs it up just enough for a modern take on a familiar song. If you go back and listen to the Ray Charles 1961 classic after hearing this one, the disconnect between the lyrics and the song performance becomes immediately apparent. ArchiveX doesn’t let you get away with the sweetness and roses stuff here, nor does he become preachy. He delivers a vocal “story” befitting the subject of the lyrics.





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    • Ave Maria on May 28, 2016 at 11:10 am
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    This is wonder full

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