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This is the schedule for our live DJ shows. Our station runs spins the blues 24/7, is listener supported and commercial free. Tune in, chat with us!

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Aug 16

Gary Gibbons

It is with a heavy heart that I have to report that our DJ Gary “Double G” Gibbons passed away the evening of August 11, 2015.

Double G was a commercial DJ back in the 1970s, and retired from Public Safety Communications. He loved all kinds of music, and truly loved being able to play what he loved to anyone who would listen.

gary gibbons double gJust prior to joining us, Gary was a DJ for City Sounds Radio, hosing several Blues shows and also a Smooth Jazz Show.

Gary was a resident of Victoria, British Columbia, and is survived by his wife, Lorrie, and a daughter Tiffany.

Gary was one of the first DJs to agree to do a couple of shows here at BluesMusicFan Radio, and he rarely missed a show prior to falling ill. We were grateful for his expertise, and his support. I am very sad he is no longer with us, as are many members of the staff. He was a friendly adviser and always generous with his knowledge of broadcasting and music.

All of us here at BluesMusicFan Radio wish to send our condolences to Gary’s wife and family.

Rest in Peace, Double G, you will be missed and fondly remembered.

— Jordan

Jun 19

About Submitting Your Music To Us





These days we are getting many requests to play music created by our listeners and their friends.  We are delighted to take submissions into consideration.

If you would like your music to get on air, please follow these guidelines. We basically made them so one of us doesn’t have to stay up all night retagging and coverting tunes into mp3s:

  • Please send us professional quality music.
  • Our genre(s) is contemporary blues / blues / blues rock. We will only consider works that fit those niches.
  • Your songs must be .mp3 and properly tagged.
  • Attach your music or email us your download link to bluesmusicfan@gmail.com include some basic biographical information and a way to contact you for follow up questions
  • You understand that the music will be distributed among our DJs for them to consider including it in their shows.

We will air only music that is available for purchase at places like amazon, itunes, cdbaby, etc., unless a release is filled out. If you’d like the release please email us and request it.

We’re big on original blues. We are eager to broadcast original blues tunes by artists that respect traditional blues AND put their unique spin on it. It keeps our blood pumpin’! And – does it really need to be said? We LOVE what we do and are in AWE of the music you create. Thanks for sharing it with us! We are truly honored.

Jun 06

New For Blues Fans

We get quite a few song submissions at BluesMusicFan these days, and I feel honored to be asked to listen to the results of  hard work by the music’s creators. I love it when a band’s sound moves me, when I relate or can connect with a band’s groove … well, isn’t that the magic of music after all?

Two bands have recently caught my attention, and I think its important that you hear of them too.  What I particularly like about the offerings of both bands, is that their ablums are filled with original blues tracks. You’ll hear their tracks in the course of listening to BluesMusicFan Radio, especially during the live DJ sets. Give them a listen — and if you’re in a neighborhood where one of these talented bands might be performing — go see them live!! Live blues is where it is at!


Blues Engine (www.bluesengine.net) formed in London in September 2013, and played their debut gig at Ronnie Scott’s bar on 30 January 2014. Founded by Alex Cooray (guitar), who teamed up with longtime friend Ovais Hai (drums), added the “other Alex” Liutai on bass… one very important role remained unfilled… lead singer.


Cooray writes in an article for Blues in Britain (May 2015) that the band “struck gold” with their lead singer Katya (Chernyakova). I like how he describes her,
that her voice sometimes “made him forget what he was doing and lose his place on the fretboard.” I am also quite taken with her voice – strong enough
for the blues and vulnerable enough for more contemporary vocals.

Playing live is where they find their magic, their inspiration – moving people into dancing, losing themselves in the music. And in the studio — that’s where they summon their focus, painstakingly inspecting each and every note they record until it is exactly as they want it presented.

Blues Engine - The Quick and the Dirty Album Cover Blues Engine’s debut album is called The Quick And The Dirty and releases July 4. Its a creative and diverse offering of original songs with its roots solidly in the blues. I have to thank Alex for passing the finished tracks to me as they emerged from the studio… the latest being the stunning “For A Breath I Tarry.” Enjoy their tunes by checking out their video links here: http://www.bluesengine.net/music.htm  but please don’t forget to pick up their album when it releases in July.  You’ll find the tracks have a  diverse sound with a pure whisper-thin thread of exquisite blues magic binding all the tracks together in an honest exposure of  Blues Engine’s creativity.



Another exciting discovery recently landed in our Inbox. An Austrian band called The Rynhrd Boegl Group, fronted by harpman Reynhard Boegl (www.boegl.com).  Their first studio album release, entitled “Illustrated,” is filled cover to cover with rough and dirty blues, powered by hard hitting rock riffs supported by a driving bass and an unrelenting beat the drums provide. Finally what makes it all breathe is Boegl’s harp. Gritty, rough around the edges… sometimes straight up in your face. This is the way this author likes her blues.


The edgy guitar sound is provided courtesy of Fritz Glatzl, a veteran of performing on stage live with Bluespumpm.  For the ever-ready and inexhaustible supply of rhythym, bassist Tom Siegl and drummer Andreas Szelegowitz step up to provide the firmament for the band’s sound to build upon.

boeglillustrated“Illustrated” contains eleven tracks, all original songs mostly written by Boegl or Glatzl. You can tell it is all about the sound with this band, not about the players. The many voices of Boegl’s harp weaves its way throughout the tunes, sometimes solo, sometimes sparring with Glatzl’s guitar, and it is all delicious. You can purchase it through Amazon.com, Alessa Records and digitally through Google Play, iTunes, Bandcamp and cdbaby.


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