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Please Help Walter Trout!

waltertroutWalter is currently hospitalized & in urgent need of a liver transplant!

Walter has been battling severe liver disease bravely for the past many months. He has continued touring and recording until a few weeks ago – he loves playing for people, and it has been the best medicine for him.

We were given hope that medicinal treatment could reverse his condition but we now know that this hasn’t worked. His liver has failed, and doctors say his survival depends on receiving a transplant.

He is at UCLA in and out of Intensive Care, which is a prime facility for liver transplants. Walter has health insurance but this will not cover the full cost of his treatment. The medical expenses, co-pay, medication, after-care, etc. are going to be immense.

  • Walter will need to cancel much of the tour planned for 2014 leaving him and his family with little income.
  • By helping support this effort, you can help give Walter peace of mind and focus solely on his health and recovery before, during and after the transplant.
  • The timeline is uncertain at this point. Waiting for a suitable liver donor in the hospital can be a lengthy and costly process of many weeks or even months.
  • There will be considerable cost for rehabilitation, re-training and physical therapy post-surgery

- See more at: http://www.youcaring.com/medical-fundraiser/walter-trout-needs-a-new-liver-you-can-help-/151911#sthash.jqM2vg6I.dpuf

Feb 16

Fresh New Blues!

I really get excited when I find new blues artists that I enjoy.  A few of them that I am going to mention in this article are brand new and just released their first album.  It is really exciting to see where that generation is taking this genre… and I say – bring it on!

SOUL GRAVY - Website

The first group I wanted to mention has an album out called “There’s A Way”.  A four-piece band from Saint Simons Island, Georgia, it has a fabulous lead singer in Jessica Holloway.  Jessica’s vocals just rock from start to finish and those of you who are fans of Susan Tedeschi, will find that you very well may be captivated by Jessica’s voice as well.  This band brands themselves a soul band, and I can’t disagree. I just find a lot of blues on it too, so I would push them into the Soul Blues category.  But they are a fusion of all the blues subgenres and that’s just so cool, it leaves a lot of creative space that Soul Gravy fills up with their smooth groove, funkalicious, take-me-to-church-on-Sunday gospel recipe of great contemporary blues.

VAN FUNKFacebook page

This group has a strange affinity for the number 13. I wish I could tether this article to that fondness…. but I can’t. That doesn’t stop me from enthusiastically recommending their album to the readers of bluesmusicfan.com and also to its listeners!  I’ve had them on high rotation on my radio shows, with more feedback and inquiries about “who is this playing?” than any other band I’ve played.  Founded as a duo out of Edmonton Alberta (self described: inner-city Country Blues) Jordan Funk and Jessica Fedorek bring a fresh sound to blues/blues-rock with a little grit thrown in for good measure. I totally hate to pigeonhole them. Best I can advise is — just listen to them!! Probably the best original songs I’ve heard in ages.


Out of Tuscon, Arizona this band’s album “What I Need” landed in my shopping cart last week, and they have rapidly won my heart. Great, soulful lead vocals out of Zo Carroll propel you into a blues happy place, supported by a tight five piece band and great original material!



These guys have been around the block, but in a good way.  They hail from Albuquerque, New Mexico and the great support and fans have been obviously well-earned.  A three-piece band lead by Ruby “Boy” Jaramillo, their tunes on the latest release “The Way It Is Now” are solidly blues.  I particularly enjoyed “Voodoo Man Blues” and “Me” – those tunes have earned some inquiries and feedback during my shows, with one of my fellow DJs just casually mentioning to me “Hey, I like this band…”  Not particularly noteworthy in itself, but its the first time this DJ has ever mentioned liking a band out of my “new releases” show – so well done, Rudy Boy!


Just recently heard from one of my favorite young blues-rock bands via email.  I was very happy to hear from them, as it has been a while!  Max Manning writes:  “… We have some cool stuff coming, the 1st of which is a rerecording of Keeping Me Away From You, but this time with a guest hammond player (Mark Stanway, worked with Robert Plant, Whitesnake, Paul Rogers…!)  I thought you might be interested so here is the link for the track on Soundcloud:

You bet we were!!  Thanks for writing us and keeping us up to date.  Best of luck to you guys!


So that’s it for now.  These blog articles do take a lot of time to write, and with me being so busy with the radio station (please do tell your friends about us!!) I been stretched a little thin these days.  Keep listening, keep writing in and we love to hear from you folks!  Follow us (social media icons at top left of the blog) or you can contact us directly with the contact us form at the top menu!

Take good care!

– Jordan

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