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Apr 06

Album Review:
The Della Grants,
Live Room Sessions, Vol. 1

The Della Grants is a band that is close to my heart. Back in my early days of spinning the blues, probably 2011-2012, I came across a band whose sound was the blues-rock sound that I loved.  A blues band committed to recording their own sound, their own songs, always seeking to make them better, to evolve. That band is The Della Grants.

The Della Grants’ major focus was on representing their live sound when recording The Live Room Sessions, Vol. 1, and I’m glad they did. If I had the privilege of being at a Della Grants performance (someday!), I would hear the songs I love with little tweaks and nuances that would make the performance unique. That’s what they the DGs do here on The Live Room Sessions, Vol. 1, but with bigger, bolder moves in the songs. (Compare “Too Fast” with the one on the earlier album “Time For Change” to see what I mean).

There are three new original tunes on this album, “The River,” “Sunrise,” and also “William Clay”. There is also a cover of “Midnight Special.” Strangely enough, that one didn’t draw me in as much as the other tunes, even though it is a song I know well.

In a few weeks when the weather gets a little nicer, you will find me in my garden in a comfortable Adirondack chair, a cold beverage to sip, with this album playing. I’ll imagine myself at a blues festival with The Della Grants on stage. I’ll press play on “More Than Pray” and revel in Max Manning’s heartfelt vocals as well as his incredible guitar solo towards the end.  That’s the sound, that’s the vibe that captures me.

The reboot of “Weaker Man”  to make it a jazzier, smoother sound which includes the trumpet is brilliant (Tony Robinson, also doing double duty on keyboards). Take note of Andy Boulton’s awesome bass riff at the beginning of that song while you’re at it. Tom Best’s harp throughout “Lay My Head” makes you want to get up and move! Finally, Tom Walker’s drums are the glue that pulls the band all together and keeps them on track.

The Della Grants have matured as a band, and in this album they have crafted their catalogue into what is, for this fan, an unforgettable body of work. It’s the stuff that makes you love music. You don’t need the historical perspective that I wrote about here to enjoy the band and their music. Just go to https://thedellagrants.com/shop  and buy The Live Room Sessions, Vol. 1. And if you’re a music geek like me, get the physical CD. You’ll enjoy the design and liner notes reminiscent of what you’d get with a vinyl album back in the day.

Finally, if you’re lucky enough to live in the Leicester (UK) area, go see this band perform live. It’s vital to support independent music to keep it alive and well.

Jan 28

New Music Uploaded!

Here are the new additions to our automated “DJ Otto”. You’ll be hearing music from these artists and their new albums both on the automated sections of the schedule and also the DJs feature them often in their live shows. Tune in to hear great tracks from these albums!

Support the artists by buying their music! You can also support BluesMusicFan Radio by clicking on the links below, which will take you to Amazon.com. We get a small commission on the sale, and it all adds up! We appreciate it greatly!

Albert Cummings – Live at the ’62 Center
Anderson East – Encore
Atlanta Cafe Band – American Spirit
Bernard Allison – Let It Go
Beth Hart and Joe Bonamassa – Black Coffee
Big Papa & The TCB – Let Your Hair Down
Billy Walton Band – Soul of a Man
Blue Attitude – Paperback
The Bush League – James Rivah
Carolyn Gaines – Beware of My Dog
Cootes Paradise – Self Titled
Curtis Salgado and Alan Hager – Rough Cut
Danielle M & The Glory Junkies – All My Heroes Are Ghosts
Danielle Nicole – Cry No More
Dede Priest and Johnny Clark and the Outlaws – Flowers Under The Bridge
The Della Grants – Live Room Sessions Vol. 1
Guy Verlinde & The Mighty Gators – X
Iron Mike Norton – Swamp Stomp
Jack J Hutchinson – Paint No Fiction
Janiva Magness – Love Is An Army
Jeff Michaels – Royal Funk
Joe Perry – Sweetzerland Manifesto
John Mayall – Three For The Road
Johnny Tucker – Seven Day Blues
Jonah Tolchin – Thousand Mile Night
JP Williams Blue – Stolen Cadillac
Katie Bradley and Chris Corcoran – C’est La Vie
Kelly Z – Rescue
Kelly’s Lot – Don’t Give My Blues Away
Laurie Morvan – Gravity
Lex Gray & The Urban Pioneers – Usual Suspects
Little G. Weevil – Something Poppin’
Mick Clarke – Bent Frets
Mike J Scott – Blues Doctor
Peter Karp – The Blue Flame
Reverend Raven & The Chain Smokin’ Altar Boys – My Life
The Rex Granite Band – Spirit/Matter/Truth/Lies
Rex Peoples and X Factr – Fried Food / Hard Liquor
Rocko Paolo with Kevin Rees – Summer Nights In Mississippi
Steve Mignano – Lucky 13
Sue Foley – The Ice Queen
Sugar Queen And The Straight Blues Band – 340 Blues
Tommy Emmanuel – Accomplice One
Victor Wainwright – Victor Wainwright & The Train
Zoe Schwarz Blue Commotion – The Blues and I Should Have A Party
Various Artists – Strange Angels: In Flight with Elmore James

Dec 29

BluesMusicFan Radio’s Top 20 Blues Albums of 2017!

2017 was a remarkable year for the Blues genre. Some exciting new artists hit the airwaves, some sad passings, and either way, time does march on. I think I speak for the station when I say we get really excited to hear new takes on traditional blues and we honor and deeply respect those that originated the genre as well. That being said, we are a Contemporary Blues radio station, and we soon start our fifth year in operation bringing you our selections for the Top 20 Blues Albums of 2017, as selected by our DJs.

Support the blues! Buy these albums and of course some of your other favorites. Go out and see them live, you’d be surprised how much these artists are on the road, and how reasonably priced a ticket is. If you click on the album, you can help support this station by purchasing it through Amazon with the link provided.

Here we are listing them from #20 to #1 – but if you’d like to see the list in one shot, please click here or on the graphic to the right. … And here we go!

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